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My name is Liz Hampton

Hi, I’m Liz, the owner of Lupine Home Services. I’m so happy our paths have crossed!


I’ve known my whole life that my purpose is to serve and care for others. Prior to starting Lupine Homes Services, I worked as a private in-home caregiver and group dance instructor in the greater Seattle area. In 2020, I took all the values and skills I learned over the years and translated them into a new vision—intuitive in-home organization. Here’s a little more about me and the philosophies behind my business.


  • I believe in home energetics, meaning I’m keenly aware of the connection between people’s space and their overall health and vitality. I love seeing clients’ wellbeing improve simply because they transformed their surroundings. 


  • I lead with compassion because I know decluttering can often be a difficult, emotional process. I listen closely to each of my clients and care for their space—and the objects in it—as I would care for them. 


  • I bring a diverse toolkit packed with plenty of resources. From  keeping closets organized, tricks for folding/hanging clothes or a knack for laying out a garage, I completely customize the process based on the client’s individual needs.


If you are ready to purge, organize, systemize, and energize, please reach out and let me help you feel good about making a positive change!

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